Even though regular dreams can be fascinating and engaging on their own, lucid dreaming experiences take this to another level. The capability of a human brain to manifest anything in the dream world is usually somewhat limited by what our unconscious minds can conjure up with.
The act of consciously entering this state creates a giant sandbox of endless activities.
The unlimited possibilities can be overwhelming. Some amount of restriction boosts our creativity, in contrast to a setting with no existing rules whatsoever. One can easily get lost in this vast ocean of opportunities. Today, we’re here to discuss the variety and offer some activities to explore on a lucid dream journey.

1. Flying
One of the best things about dreams is that the rules and laws of everyday life do not apply to them. This includes the laws of physics. One can easily lift off and fly around like Superman. It’s a superpower people have been obsessed with throughout our history. Many had even died, trying to achieve the impossible by constructing various artificial wings.
Flying is safe and easily achievable in a lucid dream.
You might have to struggle a bit at first, but assuming you’ve already achieved the ability to dream consciously, learning to fly in a dream setting will be much simpler.

2. Having sex
Having sexual relationships in a dream is the second most popular activity that lucid dreamers engage in – the reasons why are obvious. Nothing stops you from imagining any celebrity or romantic interest and having sex with them in the dream. The experience itself isjust as real as any.
Fun, as it is, flying and having sex over and over again can be redundant. We’re here to explore the infinity of possibilities, remember? The only limit is your imagination.

3. Manipulating time and space
Teleporting, slowing down or speeding up the passage of time is extremely fun. You can travel to distant worlds, the cosmos, or simply explore the earth and all it has to offer – mountains, valleys, oceans, forests, and so on. You could even travel back in time – experience your past, communicate with ancient civilizations, travel into the future, and much much more.

4. Eating
Prepare a table full of your favourite foods, drinks, sweets and have them at it. There’s no limit to how much you can enjoy substances in the dream world and no downside from doing it either. You could even come up with magical meals to give you superpowers! Then again, those same superpowers can be achieved with your own imagination.

5. Become skilled in something you aren’t
In a lucid dream, you can have any talent you choose. Ever wanted to learn to play the guitar? Bam! You are now a rock star. Want to do magic tricks? Swing your wand, and you’re now a world-class magician. There’s really no limit to your abilities in a conscious dream – explore being an acrobat, a pilot, a sniper, a samurai or anything else you want!

6. Improve yourself
The environment of a lucid dream allows you to practice situations from everyday life that usually stress you. Try these:

  • Create a job interview and nail it;
  • Give an outstanding public speech;
  • Star in a debate;
  • Talk to strangers;
  • Face your fears.

Practising these activities in the dream world can transfer the experience to life and make you better at it! Hopefully, the activities we’ve gone over will light a spark in you to explore the world of lucid dreams that much more profoundly. There are many more things you can do in a conscious dream. To name a few:

  • Become an animal;
  • Control people and things with your thoughts;
  • Read minds;
  • Be an astronaut;
  • Meet aliens;
  • Manipulate your size to become giant or smaller than atoms;
  • Talk to famous people;
  • Talk to your long-lost relatives and friends;
  • Explode stuff with your mind (this one’s very entertaining);
  • Manipulate the weather;
  • Witness the collisions of giant planets;
  • Explore the stars;

All of these adventures can be (and are) marvellous to experience. But don’t take our word for it – explore the possibilities of lucid dreams yourself and try to come up with even more incredible ideas of your own!