Have you ever had a dream with a sexy twist? Be it your favorite celebrity or just a random stranger – the experience seems just as real as any, if not better than reality itself. It is, however, not that common to have such a dream, and even the ones you do have may sometimes get taken away from you by that pesky alarm clock. Learning how to lucid dream, on the other hand, may provide you with the much-needed closure and ability to have sex on demand. But is it possible? And if it is, how does one go about having lucid sexual dreams?

From the reports of lucid dreamers, it comes clear that there are two activities most often pursued by the dreamers – flying and sex.

Nobody can argue that they would not want the ability to fly around like superman. Having sex is just as, if not more, fun. While you might not want to share that publicly, it is expected to have sexual desires when going to bed – even if you’re doing it alone.

It plays to your benefit that dreams usually occur during the REM stage of the sleep cycle. This stage is also often accompanied by sexual arousal – that’s why when you have sex in your dreams, it can feel so realistic. The same thing applies to lucid sexual dreams – with the addition of turning spontaneous into expected.

So, you will first have to master the ability to lucid dream. As you become better and better at it, it will become substantially easier to bring your desires into your dreams.

Lucid sexual dreams have their own unique benefits. Here are some of them:

  • You can never contract an STD when dreaming. For this reason, it's even safer than real sex.
  • You can have sex with anyone from your imagination. Any celebrity or any crush you might have.
  • It can bring just as strong an orgasm (even stronger in some cases).
  • You are even safe from jealousy if you have a life partner, because it all takes place in your head and not in real life.

The first few times may be clumsy and not work out the way you wanted. For example, sexual arousal in lucid dreams may get you so excited that you inevitably wake up. That is expected, especially in your first experiences with conscious dreaming.

The key is to try and stay focused and concentrated.

Even if you do wake up from a lucid dream, you might be able to fall right back asleep and continue towards your sexual desire.

It is also possible that you do not succeed in bringing your desired lover to bed. They may disappear before your eyes, decline the offer, or in rarer cases even transform into a monster or a sibling, which is usually accompanied by instantaneous waking up. It is important not to freak out and remain calm and focused.

When your lover transforms, you can ask this new person or object what they represent and why did they appear in your dream.

It may even have some symbolic meaning, which you can explore in the state of conscious dreaming. Other times you may try to focus yet again and transform the undesired beast or person back into your desired love affair.

Having sex in lucid dreams is fun, exciting and possible. Enjoy your erotic fantasies and the joy they bring with them.